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Ad placement rules



  • The procedure for placing an ad is as follows:
  • You need to register and open a personal cabinet
  • After entering the login password and entering the cabinet, you can delete and edit the ads you have uploaded To place an ad, click the "Place an ad" button in the right corner of the page.
  • On the new page that opens, you need to enter the information and parameters relevant to your property. In this case, it is important to fill in the fields marked with *. Otherwise, it will not be possible to place the ad.
  • After filling in all important fields, the options "Add image" and "Post an ad without image" are offered - you click on the one that suits you. (don't forget that there should be no logos or additional posts from other sites in the images)
  • When posting a photo, you must follow the rules there.
  • Otherwise, it will not be possible to edit the ad. You select the files and click the "Upload Ad" button. The announcement will be published on the site within 1 hour after the administrator's verification.
  • It is recommended that you follow the following rules:
  • After the ad placement process is completed, you will receive a notification about the ad in your email.
  • You can delete and edit the ad with the code in the notification, so you need to write the correct email when you place an ad or open a personal cabinet.
  • The posted advertisement will remain on the site for 30 days.(if the property is sold during this period, please inform the site administrator!)If you want to make any changes to your ad or cancel it, you can delete or edit your ad from your personal cabinet.
  • If you do not have a personal cabinet, you can delete or edit the ad by entering the ad password in the notification sent to your e-mail.
  • It is recommended that you open a personal cabinet to easily manage your ads.
  • Opening a private cabinet will help you to manage your ads more easily and see which ads are due for review and when.Do not write all text in capital letters!It is not possible to place an ad above the set limit!
  • (This limit is shown at the top of the page)



  • If you are an intermediary (broker, realtor, estate agency):
  • It is not possible to post free ads beyond the limit set on the site.
  • If you want to place more ads than the limit, you need to buy additional ad packages.
  • The ad packs you receive in addition to the limit are per number and remain in your balance when not used. Your monthly free ad limit will be charged to your balance even if the ad package you purchased to load additional ads is on your balance
  • You can contact us for any additional information




  • It is possible to make payments on the platform with Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro payment cards issued by Azerbaijani or foreign banks.